• Midwife to the Emerging Soul, Shaper of Conscious Communities


    I wake each day knowing myself as a Midwife to the Emerging Souls, Shaper Conscious Communities.


    After spending the last year in Oahu, Hawaii consulting at Still & Moving Center, living in a 1965 Chey traveling across Canada with Adventures of Hobo Bill and letting go of all that once held meaning.


    I know it is time to Go for It!! Live Fully in my Passions.



  • “Awake to the discoveries that are possible through introspection, Nancy is a gentle guide whose depth of experience enables her to tune into others at a profound level. Through her willingness to authentically share her personal journey, she naturally becomes the kind of teacher who leads others to open up about their experiences, dreams and desires. As she assists in your awakening, you’ll see that her guidance is graceful, much like her dance; and her courage…it is truly radical.” - Joscelyn Duffy, International Ghostwriter, Author & Creative Consultant

  • Guts, Grace & Radical Courage

  • Nia & Dance

    It's more than a fancy dance step its a way of BEING.


    is more than just a workout, Nia is a holistic fitness practice addressing each aspect of your life - body, mind and soul.


    A 60 minute non-impact cardio class 52 simple moves are combined blending dance, martial arts and mindfulness to offer an experience that invites you to learn more about the intelligent design of the body.


    Moving to Heal Classes/Playshops/Retreats are designed to utilize the 52 Moves of Nia to create a therapeutic experience. The intention is to experience more ease and relaxation in the body-mind-spirit. This happens as individuals personalize their moves and give themselves emotional permission to accompany their body on the journey of self healing and integration.



    Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Creative

    I love to dance, and share my love of the technique and passion with children, adults and individuals with a range of abilities.


    One of my current passions is working with health care providers, dance and movement instructors, to enhance their ability to provide a body-mind approach to their sessions, classes, retreats and work experiences.


    Reach out to discover more!

  • Deep Dives & Offerings

    It's more than a program its a way of BEING.

    Guts, Grace and Radical Courage

    An Online Decloaking and Living Authentically

    This 3-month experience is inspired by my Life, Soul Fire’s Saying YES experience and the WEL-Systems Body of Knowledge.


    It takes:

    • Guts to stay committed to your own growth and evolution.
    • Grace to stay with your purpose as you come face to face with your limiting beliefs; and
    • Radical Courage to choose a quantum way of being.


    It is a Radical Choice to rediscover the trust in our inner wisdom, the intelligence of the body and the expression of our unique spirit. This journey requires developing an inner safety in our body-mind and Soul's calling.


    Have you made it through life’s challenges despite the odds and wonder How the Hell did I get here? Tired of the mundane cycle of life and its challenges? Is Change at a profound level calling… YOU?


    The call is deeply Personal, Radical and Timely.


    Ask yourself:

    • Who might you become as you choose a Sisterhood that will bear witness and be inspired as you to stand in your GREATNESS
    • Am I drawn to a fierce authentic Sisterhood committed to their own growth and evolution, yet haven’t fully trusted showing up in a group of women differently
    • Is my body restless, with anxiety, agitation and do you wonder how to relax into the intensity (despite your hours of reading and researching)
    • Am I ready to embrace a New Norm, a norm that chooses an inward inquiry first to hear your authentic voice and impulse, before responding to the outside world.
    • Am I ready to join a New Culture of Women reclaiming their lives without the stop and start cycles. Women who are discovering their safety and personal power are rooted in the reclamation of their body-mind and Soul.

    This is a self-directed experience you bring your own pace, your own passion, questions and curiosity to this mighty group of women.


    Included in this experience:

    • A 60-minute personalized online call with Nancy Hanlon
    • Begins with engaging the 20 set Decloaking and Living Authentically Cds,
    • Bi-weekly online group calls.
    • Bi weekly digital Nia/movement experience offered by Nancy (to be done in the privacy of your own home)
    • A 10-day writing experience with Nancy and this group of women
    • Access to a closed facebook group to share your daily discoveries, as I share mine.
    • The potential to co-create a women’s awakening or Nia movement experience in your local community with Nancy Hanlon in the next 6 months.

    Times may adjust according to Time zones of participants:

    Thursday, Aug 24, 2017 7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

    Thursday, Sept 7, 2017 7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

    Thursday, Sept 21, 2017 7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

    Thursday, Oct 5, 2017 7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

    Thursday, Oct 19, 2017 7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

    Thursday, Nov 2, 2017 7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

    Thursday, Nov16, 2017 7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

    Thursday, Nov 30, 2017 7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time



    Your investement: $800.00 + HST Cdn. Plus $ 250 Cdn Decloaking and Living Authentically CD's are separate cost. (To order your digital download of Decloaking and Living Authentically CDs).


    To register contact Nancy.


    Language and Energy decoded invites us to access our inner knowings and inner trust.

    CODE Model Coaching™/Counselling

    There are moments in our lives when words fall short of what is needed. We need to move beyond the historical patterning of thoughts, own our limiting beliefs and be willing to show up authentically with individuals that can guide us in learning a process of speaking our truth, discovering an inner safety and step into our own potential.


    CODE Model Coaching™ offers exactly that. It is different way of resolving your life challenges and traumas. The process integrates Logical Levels of Thinking, Body processing and you becoming the guru for yourself to activate your potential. This two hour conversation will not seek to 'fix' the problem, rather use the 'problem' as the first step in accessing the authentic expression of Self. More like a process of midwifery for the soul.


    CODE Model Coaching ™


    2 hour conversation $ 150 + HST/GST

    For more details contact Nancy.


    Nancy has an extensive background in traditional therapy appoaches, experiential education and non-traditional healing modalities. Registered as a Medavie Blue Cross Provider.

  • Inner Voice

    Thoughts, Musings, and Ruminations.

  • Global Village

    The Rural Consciousness Project

    As one of the five co-founders of The Rural Consciousness Project my life has been enriched and awakened beyond my imagination since the conception 2 1/2 years ago. As a result of this creation my everyday life has become a beautiful tapestry of Visionaries, Pioneers, Edgeworkers, and Activists from around the world.


    This dynamic two year collaborative process with Ange Arbuckle, Mandy Sandbach, Naomi Irons, and Raina McDonald was pivotal for me to live a new way in co-creating with women in a New Paradigm. These amazing Soul Creators live their Soul's Passion and embody a process for living that engages the Spirit in matter rooted in the WEL-Systems® context for living.


    At the onset of this project we knew it was going to be an Epic Adventure. What we have continued to discover is one adventure leads to the next and on and on it goes. At times this requires a Warrior's Heart and a Graceful Surrender all at the same time - it requires a letting go of what has been - and a Leap into the Unknown.


    For the project it has required that I let go of co-creating in tangible visible ways with these four Amazing Women. This has invited me and each of us to expand into our passions and trust the interconnectivity will continue to weave through our lives at intersecting points of life lived.


    I know for sure these Visionaries, Awakening Pioneers, Edgeworkers, Soul Creators work on a far grander platform than the physical plane. After all, we are all co-creating Global Consciousness rooted in how we are willing to live.


    Over and over again my work/my life with these women, and others around the Globe remind me of some simple truths:


    •The context from which we choose to live propels our evolution forward

    or keeps us living within the edges of the status quo


    •Every truth matters, until it no longer exists


    •It takes Immense Courage to be in the messy and joyous birth process of

    New Life emerging


    •There are many pathways to enlightenment, The journey I've taken lead

    me through the experiential learning of the WEL-Systems® context -

    which provides an accelerate process of Evolution of Consciousness for

    Self, Other and World


    •There is more than the 5 ~ who have heard the the deep inner stir of their

    PASSIONS calling them to reclaim their lives, their birthright, to be the

    change this worlds demands.

  • More of her Story

    From a young age, I have always held a deep compassion for the Planet, Life, Interconnectivity within community and a deep sense of my own spirituality. I believe these elements were fostered as a young child by my family’s intermingling with rural living, time spent in nature and my near death experience during my childhood illness. By my mid 20’s, I had developed into a high performance machine. Whatever I was involved in: dance, social work or volunteering for the next cause, I was driven, focused, well respected professionally and yet had lost my sense of self, my connection to the land, community and conscious living.


    My journey to self, family, community and the land began when I moved back to Nova Scotia in1998. Here the ocean beaconed me back home, along with semi wilderness forests and my willingness to be open and present in community. The habitual way of being persisted, until I fully stepped into Decloaking and Living Authentically, the first of the 5-day WEL-Systems® intensives in 2011, and reclaimed my sense of self and deep connection to my life purpose. I know in my presence women and men awaken to a new way of being.The on-going sustainability of this conscious way of being happens when each individual chooses to be the change they seek and stays in the conversations with those that are willing to stay committed to the evolution of consciousness for themselves, their family, their community and the planet. It takes Guts, Grace and Radical Courage.


    My passion for life and commitment to having a meaningful impact in this world has offered me a drive and willingness to change things up, and not be afraid to work in a variety of settings. Over the last 18 years I have gained a wealth of experience through my diverse background in social work, dance, Nia and Consulting work. I love compelling conversations and working with individuals, groups in the health care sector. I have worked in private and non-profits organizations and in the dance/movement fields which has offered me a unique perceptive. I am a WEL-Systems® Institute Affiliate, Certified CODE Model Coach™, Registered Master Level Social Worker, and Nia Black Belt.

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