• Midwife to the Emerging Souls

    Shaper of Conscious Communities.

    Are you tried of the Crisis Management Cycle in LIFE?

    We’ve all experienced grief, loss, heartache – hardship of many kinds. The typical crisis-management cycle is one of survival. Typical Human behavior is to go back to what we knew prior to our crisis. Yet, we struggle. We grow inch by inch, yet continue to live from the same context. We all know how to survive; it’s time to thrive and reclaim why we are here.


    Living Consciously is “More than a cathartic moment, it is a way of living.”


    Steps alone don’t give you sustainable joy, evolution and the growth you hunger for. Our lives are the metaphors for how we are willing to LIVE. I bring no promises or 10 steps of success, I don't have everything figured out. What I bring to my life and those I share, individual, group and community work with is a deep commitment to conscious evolution, being authentic and sharing conversations and movement from a WEL-Systems context.


    I am most passionate when sharing space with individuals, groups and communities that are not only willing to have FUN, Envision BIG and able to dive deep into their limitations at a personal and collective level to embody the change and transition we seek.


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  • Nancy Hanlon is a powerful breath of fresh air in a world starving for raw, authenticity. She offers a safe, sacred space for people to process their past and connect to the essence of their beings. Through her potent programs for women, grief work, coaching and expression through dance/movement she is radically present, calling each of us forward into the co-creation of a thriving new era of life fully lived!

    Raina McDonald


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