• Midwife to the Emerging Soul

    I am most known for my Guts, Grace & Radical Courage. I live as a fiercely caring facilitator, space holder, coach and dancer.


    Intentionally I chose to live visibly in my life as a model for others. My deep desire to shed light on all aspects of being alive arose after my near death experience at age 12.


    I am known for the breadth and depth of the conversation I am willing to dive into, no topic is off limits, despite the challenges and uncomfortably this may evoke in others and myself!


    I am a mover through life – known for my FUN Adventurous Playful Spirit!!


    My journey to self, family, community and the land began when I moved back to Nova Scotia in 1998.


    Here the ocean beaconed me back home, along with semi wilderness forests and my willingness to be open and present in community. The habitual way of being persisted, until I fully stepped into Decloaking and Living Authentically, the first of the 5-day WEL-Systems® intensives in 2011, and reclaimed my sense of self and deep connection to my life purpose.


    It takes Guts, Grace and Radical Courage to forge a new path and not fall into habitual ways of being.


    My passion for life and commitment to having a meaningful impact in this world has offered me a drive and willingness to change things up, and not be afraid to work in a variety of settings.


    I have a diverse background in social work, dance, Nia and Consulting work. I love compelling conversations and working with individuals, groups in the health care sector. Curious for more - want to change up your life - reach out

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