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Global Village - Visionaries, Pioneers & Edgeworkers

As one of the five co-founders of The Rural Consciousness Project my life has been enriched and awakened beyond my imagination since the conception 2 1/2 years ago. As a result of this creation my everyday life has become a beautiful tapestry of Visionaries, Pioneers, Edgeworkers, and Activists from around the world.


This dynamic two year collaborative process with Ange Arbuckle, Mandy Sandbach, Naomi Irons, and Raina McDonald was pivotal for me to live a new way in co-creating with women in a New Paradigm. These amazing Soul Creators live their Soul's Passion and embody a process for living that engages the Spirit in matter rooted in the WEL-Systems® context for living.


At the onset of this project we knew it was going to be an Epic Adventure. What we have continued to discover is one adventure leads to the next and on and on it goes. At times this requires a Warrior's Heart and a Graceful Surrender all at the same time - it requires a letting go of what has been - and a Leap into the Unknown.


For the project it has required that I let go of co-creating in tangible visible ways with these four Amazing Women. This has invited me and each of us to expand into our passions and trust the interconnectivity will continue to weave through our lives at intersecting points of life lived.


I know for sure these Visionaries, Awakening Pioneers, Edgeworkers, Soul Creators work on a far grander platform than the physical plane. After all, we are all co-creating Global Consciousness rooted in how we are willing to live.

Over and over again my work/my life with these women, and others around the Globe remind me of some simple truths:

•The context from which we choose to live propels our evolution forward or keeps us living within the edges of the status quo

•Every truth matters, until it no longer exists

•It takes Immense Courage to be in the messy and joyous birth process of New Life emerging

•There are many pathways to enlightenment, The journey I've taken lead me through the experiential learning of the WEL-Systems® context -which provides an accelerate process of Evolution of Consciousness for

Self, Other and World


•There is more than the 5 of us ~ who have heard the the deep inner stir of their PASSIONS calling them to reclaim their lives, their birthright, to be the change this worlds demands.

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