Living in 1965 Chevy named Gloria with Hobo Bill, his motorcycle and a few basic essentials was an adventure. Not the integration I had planned for my transition back to Canada, from a year working in Oahu, Hawaii. An adventure never the less, I was open to all possibilities. I loved the idea and the illusion of Van Living in warm weather.

Picture The Mystery Van, Scoobydo Style. Light Green, School Bus Steering Wheel, Thunder Bay, Ontario. Springtime meets Wild Winter and, almost a 18 wheeler. As the winds whipped, snow piled, Gloria saw us through we nestled into an off beaten road for the night. After intense conversation, seeing my life flash before me, I took a breath, owned the energy and information (feelings) moving in my body, came back to my center and landed into fits of Laughter, JOY and Relief.

Life is what you make it, you stay stuck or you move forward. I live with a fierceness for truth and deep faith in the human spirit and an unstoppable trust in my own great sense of play amongst the challenges.

Gloria, Me & The Bike Thunder Bay Ontario, in Snow
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