• CODE Model Coaching™/Counselling

    Sessions blend Brief Focused Therapy, Quantum Science and a touch of the Sacred.

    There are moments in our lives when words fall short of what is needed. We need to move beyond the historical patterning of thoughts, own our limiting beliefs and be willing to show up authentically with individuals that can guide us in learning a process of speaking our truth, discovering an inner safety and step into our own potential.


    CODE Model Coaching™ offers exactly that. It is different way of resolving your life challenges and traumas. The process integrates Logical Levels of Thinking, Body processing and you becoming the guru for yourself to activate your potential. This two hour conversation will not seek to 'fix' the problem, rather use the 'problem' as the first step in accessing the authentic expression of Self. More like a process of midwifery for the soul.


    CODE Model Coaching ™


    2 hour conversation $ 150 + HST/GST

    For more details contact Nancy.


    Nancy has an extensive background in traditional therapy appoaches, experiential education and non-traditional healing modalities. Registered as a Medavie Blue Cross Provider.


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