It's more than a fancy dance step its a way of Being!

Nancy Hanlon in Motion

Nia  ~   Dance ~ Movement Consultanting

Moving to Heal Classes/Playshops

For Indivdulas with Anxiety & Depression

For Individuals with Concussion History

Per class $ 13.80 includes Hst

4 classes $ 51.75 includes Hst

Contact Nancy before July 12, 2017

Moving to Heal Retreats

August 2017  - Nova Scotia TBA

September 2017 - Fredricton, New Brunswick TBA

Moving to Heal Classes/Playshops/Retreats are expereinces by design that utilize the 52 Moves of Nia to create a therapeutic expereince. Individuals are encouraged to go inward to take charge and participate in their own healing and personal growth. Participants use sensations to assess their comfort and discomfort to choose pleasure and ease to support self-growth and healing.