It's more than a fancy dance step its a way of Being!

Nancy Hanlon in Motion

This 3-month experience has been inspired by my Life, Soul Fire's Saying YES experience and the WEL-Systems Body of Knowledge.

The body is the gateway to our innate potential, our intuition and personal power that lies deep inside. It is a Radical Choice to rediscover the trust in our innate wisdom, the intelligence of the body and the expression of our unique spirit. This process requires a reclamation of inner safety in our body-mind and Soul's calling.

Who might you become as you choose a Sisterhood that will bear witness and be inspired as you stand in your GREATNESS.

The call is deeply Personal, Radical and Timely.

Ask yourself:

·     Are you drawn to a fierce authentic Sisterhood committed to their own evolution, yet haven't fully

         trusted showing up in a group of women differently

·     Is your body restless and do you wonder how to relax into the intensity (despite your hours of

         reading and researching)

·     Are you ready to embrace a New Norm, a norm that chooses an inward inquiry first to hear your

         authentic voice and impulse, before reacting to the outside world.

·     Are you ready to join a New Culture of Women reclaiming their lives without the stop and start

         cycles. Women who are rediscovering their safety and personal power are rooted in the reclamation

         of their body-mind and Soul.

This is a self-directed experience you bring your own pace, your own passion, questions and curiosity to this small yet mighty group of women no more than 7.

Included in this experience:

·     A 60-minute online call with Nancy Hanlon

·     Begins with engaging the 20 set Decloaking and Living Authentically Cds,

·     Weekly calls for the first three weeks, bi-weekly after September & October

·     Bi weekly digital Nia/somatic movement experience

·     A 10-day writing experience with the group

·     Access to a closed facebook group to share your daily discoveries

·     The potential to co-create a women's awakening or Nia movement experience in your local

         community with Nancy Hanlon in the next 6 months.

Times may adjust according to Time zones of participants:

Thursday, July 27, 2017        7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

Thursday, Aug 3, 2017        7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

Thursday, Aug 10, 2017        7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

Thursday, Aug 24, 2017        7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

Thursday, Sept 7, 2017        7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

Thursday, Sept 21, 2017        7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

Thursday, Oct 5, 2017        7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

Thursday, Oct 19, 2017        7pm to 930 pm Atlantic Time

Your investement: $800.00 + HST Cdn. Plus $ 250 Cdn Decloaking and Living Authentically CD's are separate cost. (To order your digital download of Decloaking and Living Authentically) click on the WEL-Systems link

Ready to dive in to this amazing Adventure! Contact me.

Radical Choice

Decloaking & Living Authentically