• Guts Grace & Radical Courage

    It's more than a program it's... a way of BEING.

    New Platform and Experience Coming soon..

    Contact Nancy for more details.

    This 3-month experience is inspired by my Life, Soul Fire’s Saying YES experience and the WEL-Systems Body of Knowledge.


    It takes:

    • Guts to stay committed to your own growth and evolution.
    • Grace to stay with your purpose as you come face to face with your limiting beliefs; and
    • Radical Courage to choose a quantum way of being.


    It is a Radical Choice to rediscover the trust in our inner wisdom, the intelligence of the body and the expression of our unique spirit. This journey requires developing an inner safety in our body-mind and Soul's calling.


    Have you made it through life’s challenges despite the odds and wonder How the Hell did I get here? Tired of the mundane cycle of life and its challenges? Is Change at a profound level calling… YOU?


    The call is deeply Personal, Radical and Timely.


    Ask yourself:

    • Who might you become as you choose a Sisterhood that will bear witness and be inspired as you to stand in your GREATNESS
    • Am I drawn to a fierce authentic Sisterhood committed to their own growth and evolution, yet haven’t fully trusted showing up in a group of women differently
    • Is my body restless, with anxiety, agitation and do you wonder how to relax into the intensity (despite your hours of reading and researching)
    • Am I ready to embrace a New Norm, a norm that chooses an inward inquiry first to hear your authentic voice and impulse, before responding to the outside world.
    • Am I ready to join a New Culture of Women reclaiming their lives without the stop and start cycles. Women who are discovering their safety and personal power are rooted in the reclamation of their body-mind and Soul.

    This is a self-directed experience you bring your own pace, your own passion, questions and curiosity to this mighty group of women.


    Included in this experience:

    • A 60-minute personalized online call with Nancy Hanlon
    • Begins with engaging the 20 set Decloaking and Living Authentically Cds,
    • Bi-weekly online group calls.
    • Bi weekly digital Nia/movement experience offered by Nancy (to be done in the privacy of your own home)
    • A 10-day writing experience with Nancy and this group of women
    • Access to a closed facebook group to share your daily discoveries, as I share mine.
    • The potential to co-create a women’s awakening or Nia movement experience in your local community with Nancy Hanlon in the next 6 months.

    Times for the online group calls will be set when the time zones of participants is known.


    Your investement: $800.00 + HST Cdn. Plus $ 250 Cdn Decloaking and Living Authentically CD's are separate cost. (To order your digital download of Decloaking and Living Authentically CDs).


    To register contact Nancy.



    I have had the absolute pleasure of being on the grand adventure of personal evolution with Nancy Hanlon since 2010. We have co-created The Rural Consciousness Project together with 3 other pioneering women and have been colleagues facilitating programs together. We are fellow Affiliates of the WEL-Systems Institute and have become dear friends over the years.


    What has stood out the most in the years I have come to know this fiercely caring creator is her commitment to her own growth and her passion to create spaces for women to discover so much more of themselves. She is a brilliant facilitator, space holder, coach and mover.


    I have been deeply touched, inspired and in awe of her journey and her ability to not be defined by her physical challenges as she moves forward in the direction of her great potential. Co-Creator of SoulFire Naomi Irons

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